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History Lesson
On August 2nd 2002 was first registered by Clay Marlow.

The board was based off the phpBB software. The last statistics saved where from June 2003 where there were 88 users and the most users online at one time were 24.

This is what the board looked like: Screen Shot

In July the board DB was taken down and the competing website NewAgeGTO gained some momentum. This was when the pre-order announcement from Pontiac was giving us addicts another "hit" of the GTO drug. As the estimated prices started to become reasonable and almost official more and more people pre-ordered cars. I was in that group. Now here is where it gets interesting. There were a lot more people out there searching for their next hit just like a crazy crack head.

I bought the domain from Clay in August and on the 11th (2003) at 10:01PM CST the first post was made on the new powered by VBB2.3.

We enlisted help from a few people with access to the GM VOMS (Vehicle Order Management System) and started tracking everyone's order numbers on a weekly basis.

I started scanning in every article I could find and diligently watching GM's media site. We had a few info leaks that we posted here included the MSRP announcement a few hours before it was official on GM's website.

GM had the first GTO commercial aired during the college bowl games that winter and we had the it up on the board within minutes of its TV debut.

Around that time we started gaining some speed and we moved to our very own server and upgraded to VBB3.0. The most people we ever had online was 108 and we had 1,206 threads, 14,814 posts, and 529 members.

This is what the board looked like: Screen Shot

Tails found out the ship schedules and we watched as the first few ships of GTO's traveled across the globe. The first GTO's were on the road in Dec, but only a very few. January hit and we had cars!!!! CMNTMXR was nice enough to have the first official 2004 Production GTO Burnout video

We have continued to grow our community, push the aftermarket for parts, gain sponsor support, and grow in numbers.

We have been mentioned in HotRod, GM High Tech Performance, High Performance Pontiac, Pontiac Performance, Pontiac Enthusiast, and the GTOAA Legend.

We have given away GTO Diecasts, Posters from Pontiac, Posters from some GTO race teams.

March 18th, 2005 our new server went live. It is extremely powerful and will keep us running lighting quick for years to come. In less than 5 months after it was implemented, it has transferred over 1.5TB of data. The new server has handled over 600 users at one time without batting an eye. On average we see 17,000 visits a day to The current theme and design was implemented in July of 2005.

In the spirit of the community we sponsored the 2005 GTOAA nationals and gathered $6,800 in give-away prizes and sponsored the car show classes. The trophies looked amazing with our logo perfectly etched in the clear plastic bases.

August 11th, 2005 we have celebrated 2 years online! In the same tradition as before we have given away some autographed posters from Ryhs Millen. As well as sponsored an event offered by Pontiac for members to check out the GTO-R Race team in action! We have continued to grow - but with a sense of growing a community, not just a website.

UPDATE: September 2007
It has been two years since I have added to this account of history. In the past two years we have worked with Pontiac to send over 350 GTO owners to Rolex GT and NHRA races. These events included special parking corrals close to the action, VIP hospitality treatment, and getting up close and personal with the drivers and teams that dominate the race tracks with Pontiacs.

In 2006 we made some upgrades to our infrastructure by adding a dedicated database server. This database server will support and our new site, We have continued our support of the GTOAA Nationals and every new GTO class since 2005 has been sponsored by us. In the past two years we have grown steadily and have proven in the long run that we are a large online community. Oh, and that daily average of visits listed two years ago? Well as of September 2007 our number of daily visits averages out to 42,000 +.

UPDATE: 2008
2008 was quite the year for Pontiac helped us raise the bar to have allowed over 500 GTO owners to VIP parking corrals and tech talks at Rolex GT and NHRA races. The current state of the site is now 5 years old. May 2008 became a part of the network. This change has been in effect for almost 5 months (from the date I am writing this) and barley anything has happened except that server load times are at an all time low. While the sale of the site was emotional for many, including myself, it has allowed the site to keep moving strong.

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