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What is the Premium Membership all about?
This site has always been free, and will continue to offer free access. Memberships on are optional and you should not feel obligated to pay. The economy is very tough right now and we understand if this is not the best time.

More than 6100 new members registered in the past 12 months a jump of 23 percent. You initiated almost 70,000 new topics in the same period, which is a 35% increase over the prior 12 months, and the 1.4 million new posts in the last year made for a 40% increase.

You might well guess that all this capacity and bandwidth does not come for free. Yes, we run ads, but as you know, the automotive industry has not grown by 40% in the last year, nor has their ad spending. To help support this continued spiral of growth, we are offering Yearly and Lifetime Membership options.

Registered Users- As always, registered users will have free access to the site with standard registration. Users can navigate the site, send private messages, and contribute to threads on the forums. Registered users can uniquely express themselves with avatars, profile pictures and signatures.

Premium Membership- The premium membership package offers the same level of access as above, with the addition of being able to use a larger avatar, more private message space (500 vs 110 messages), bigger avatar (150 x 150), as well as the option to remove most of the ads. Also, you will receive a nice shiny new tag under your username. The premium membership costs $15 per year and will help support further upgrades and better servers for

Lifetime Membership- Lifetime Membership is a one-time donation to have everything that is included with a premium membership, and also includes a sticker package to show your support on your car or toolbox. The fee goes towards supporting, including further upgrades and better servers.

Hopefully this site has saved you more money than a premium membership will ever cost you, in addition to providing access to information that simply cannot be bought elsewhere. We certainly appreciate the contributions (posts, answering questions, etc.) that many of you have already provided. Your financial support is appreciated, but it is by no means a requirement.

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