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LS3goatee 03-02-2019 01:44 AM

LS3 + LSA Blower Complete Build
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My intention for this thread is to guide those through my budget minded builds. I've done a LS1, LS3, and LSA build in my Hyundai Genesis Coupe, so I am not a newb and I have become very resourceful as far as getting parts and getting them cheap. I have done ALL of my own work with every single build I have done, so while my verbiage may not be up to par I certainly know what I am doing.
Here is the Genesis so nobody can call me a liar!


Finally, before we begin, I will do my best to explain the steps and the costs and reasoning behind the direction I went with this build. But please. Be proactive. Don't copy my shit verbatim... well, I can't stop you lol
I will post approximate prices, I am not going to scrub my receipts, but I will ball park what I paid.

So. 2004 GTO with 145,xxx I got just before the midway mark of the year in 2018. I got it for something like 4800 but I always round down for cool points and tell folks I got it for 4k lol but it was beat. No grills, paint bad, some damage in the rear driver side etc., so I knew it'd be a project and I also knew I'd be doing an engine swap then a LSA blower. I replaced just about everything on the carI found a LS3 short block for 1400 with 38k on the clock, and L92 heads (823) for 500 bucks that the seller insisted on selling L92 exhaust manifolds, L92 intake/TB, flywheel, coil packs and some other items that I may be forgetting, so... I sold all that junk and quickly recouped the cost of the heads. I sold the 241 heads off of my LS1 for $200, and the LS1 shortblock for 1k (it must have been recently rebuilt, the cylinder walls were perfect, and oil pressure was 45psi hot with a stock oil pump) and transferred the OE accessories over to the LS3 with some goodies added for the valve train, cam and melling oil pump. To use the LS3 w/ 58x reluctor on the 411 ecm on the 04, I used a 250 buck TRG-002, MAP sensor adapter, injector adapters, knock sensor harness for LS1 to LS3, and obviously a tune (I have HPTuners).

No hood/bumper removal, and the engine tranny attached. It can be done contrary to popular belief.

Flash forward about two weeks - the Melling oil pump seizes, sending metal everywhere, and the crank ate the bearings and itself, but miraculously the cam still looked brand new! I took it for a rebuild, king bearings, ARP rod bolts, Tick ported/blueprinted LS6 pump etc... Local machine shop said they'd never seen it before, but ehh.. what can ya do?


LS3goatee 03-02-2019 01:54 AM

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You can see above where it ate the gear it rode.

Now for the rebuild... Dropped it off at Outlaw Race Engines in AZ. I thought it was best to have it cleaned and see what is salvageable. Crank had to be tossed and all new bearings, but the Howard's ASA cam I had in there looked as if it were new.

Won't spam you with every picture of the rebuild, but after a PAINFUL month long wait after being told over and over 3 days, I had my engine back. Time to continue the build!

Completely overhauled LS3, cost about 2300 out the door. New crank, King Racing bearings, cam bearings, ARP CR bolts etc.


LS3goatee 03-02-2019 02:23 AM

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I beat myself up everyday by not having the reluctor wheel swapped over to 24x, but really, it was such a pain getting in contact with Outlaw Race Engines, and when I did I was told 2-3 days blah blah (this went on for a month), that I just wanted my engine back. After some months go by and I start to prep for an LSA blower, I go through just about everything, suspension, cooling, braking via brembos etc., because like I said from the beginning, I knew it would be LSA swapped but it just took longer since I had to rebuild.

Anyway. First kind of budget minded move I made was buying a used Mishimoto oil cooler that was originally made for a 5th gen Camaro for 200 bucks, and a used Ron Davis radiator for 250. I live near PHX, and the summers are brutal so every bit helped.

Now, I did have to buy a 100 dollar Improved Racing adapter since the threads of the Camaro pan aren't the same as the GTO. To mount it (you'll see the pics later in this thread), I broke the mounts for the OE power steering cooler off and used it to mount the oil radiator near the passenger headlight.

I previously had a Howard's version of the ASA cam (226/236 .525"/.525" 110LSA), which had great torque that came strong early, but it was rowdy and loud. Starting it, it would chop til the house shook, and I know the neighbors grew tired, as did I, so I went with a much more reserved LS9 cam. Since the engine was just rebuilt, I went out and bought some dowel rods from Home Depot for a whopping 5 bucks (some sell kits for 80 bucks GTFOH), and changed the cam without removing the heads.

I have a GM plug that I had an option of getting a core blower for 600 bucks (have a backup now), but at the time, he was waiting for the 30 days to pass before he was allowed to buyback and sell, so I bought one that was rebuilt with solid isolator allegedly for 1400 bucks. I sold my front end accessories for 220, intake, cam, anything I wasn't going to use and made back 1140. I chose to use LSA accessories because the blower needs to be on its own drive, you can get away with one belt, but the blower 8 rib belt needs 160-240 ft. lbs., while the accessory drive belt only needs 90-125 - while I am running stock pullies for now (not power hungry, I just want a fun car) belt slip shouldn't be an issue but if I swapped pullies I feared belt slip *could* be an issue.

Along with using the LSA accessories, I also needed to change the wiring for the CTSV alternator. This was all cheap and I'll see why.

You can use a C6 corvette water pump instead of buying a LSA pump, it is THE SAME. It cost me 120 bucks new, while LSA pumps are closer to the 200 mark. I don't have P/S or A/C (no A/C yet, but good riddance to P/S) so I had to source a smaller belt, add a grooved idler, and of course rewire/add the CTSV 150AMP alternator.

Took me forever to find the wiring diagrams, but it is pretty simple to rig up. I'll spare the details unless someone asks.


LS3goatee 03-02-2019 02:35 AM

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I purchased a 07 CTSV alternator (newer CTSV are ECU regulated, older is not but has the same case/mount spots) reman and instantly regretted it. It works, but BOY these MFs sent a resprayed and who the hell knows what else haha but it was 95 bucks on eBay. It is original. Or was.

Had to remove the bigger, but angled wrong, C6 thermostat and clean, as well as bore the bolt hole a bit on the OG GTO thermostat housing and slap it into the C6/LSA water pump. It does had a 160* thermostat.

Blower is here!

Now to do the bypass the proper was since I have no way of electronically controlling it before I install the blower. Also, unless you have actual LSA heads, you will have to remove the dowel on the bottom of the blower - I used a grinder.



LS3goatee 03-02-2019 02:44 AM

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I had my doubts, but hey, the OE radiator fit with the supercharger having its own belt system, and the behemoth called a Ron Davis radiator

Here is the supercharger's belt system

Here again. CTSV lid, powder coated wrinkle black by the way.

Pinned the crank. Wondering if I should've used two, but stock pullies... eh... it'll be aight.

ARP crank bolt. OEM LSA balancer that I got for 80 bucks, I only every used ATI or Fluidampr, but this is a more reserved build.


LS3goatee 03-02-2019 02:52 AM

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Now for the heat exchanger. I found it on eBay for 100 bucks shipped and eyeballing it online I knew I could make it work, and if not, oh well. Edelbrock dual pass HX for a 07 and similar Mustang supercharger kit. I went with black purposely so I can stay under the radar lol

Started hacking away!

Bolted to the back of the crash bar.

I don't have the best tools, but I am one resourceful mothersmurfer haha


LS3goatee 03-02-2019 03:05 AM

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So now was the issue of fitment. I was told many things, some said just needed to trim the underside of the OE hood, some say just lower engine mounts, some said both. Well, my engine mounts may or may not be sagging and old, but it fit with ONLY cutting the hood. I got a bit ahead of myself and cut a bit too much, but it was a rough draft and would be cleaned uo later......

This is all you need to cut

I also deleted traction control and cruise control. Never used TC, and cruise would turn on but wouldn't hold speed. Won't miss any of it - but real reason was the DBC was too long, even with adjustment. I listened to idiots who never actually did it (gets you in trouble a lot) and bought an Fbody non-tac cable and it was even longer than the OE. Fbody cable was only 20 bucks new, but I shelled out 50 bucks for the midnight series Lokar cable (beautiful cable. stunning.) but I cut it short lol and ended up using the tip of the Lokar cable on the Fbody cable after cutting it to the correct size.

Visually, the engine bay is much cleaner! Looks a lot bigger as well, and it opened up a good spot for my TRG-002.


LS3goatee 03-02-2019 03:21 AM

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Tip. Use the ZR1 fuel rails, they exit on the driver side. LSA rails CAN be used, but more AN fittings/lines are needed to pair it, due to the rail exit being on the passenger side. 221 bucks from GM.

I used FIC 60lb injectors (At GM pressure, they flow, per my tune, 72-78lbs depending on MAP KPA), they were new and still in packaging, but bought second for 200 bucks. Yes, they came with injector data lol. Should be a good enough bump over LSA injectors, higher compression vs LSA engine, LS9 cam and bolt ons. I don't recommend anyone using stock LSA injectors if you don't want to max them out. EDIT: I actually found out that at GM pressure, these injectors flow much more (they range from 72lbs to 78lbs via my start up tune depending on MAP - 2bar speed density custom OS via HPTuners)

Out with the DW65c I had in, and in with the DW300c. Some say this pump wasn't enough, but there is a V1 and V2, the V2 flows 300lph at 60psi, compared to 270-something at 60psi with V1. I'll let everyone know if it works for me. (edit: it does work for me. About 61.8-62.2PSI at idle per digital gauge on my Aeroforce gauge - stock returnless fuel system)


LS3goatee 03-02-2019 03:32 AM

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My current VMR v710 wheels weren't getting the job done at 18x8.5 +35 square setup. 255/40/18. So I browsed for a relatively cheap pair of wheels that weren't namely Chinese junk, and found some MRR GT7 in 18x8.5+35 F and 18x9.5 +40 R. I have a 5mm spacer coming - note, I do have brembos so I need +35 to clear the them. They currently have 275/35/18 R and 245/40/18 up front. Yes, I am aware of rub and I will roll fender and adjust my coilovers.

Next up was time to address the rear. I already have a 1pc DSS aluminum driveshaft.


LS3goatee 03-02-2019 03:48 AM

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Gauges! Only pic I have, but will add some later. I have a carbon fiber Maverick Man instrument cluster bezel with a single pod in it, I will add the Aeroforce PT to it and update the thread (custom GTO faceplate will be here tomorrow, all gauges will match). I will remove the Innovate and add the matching GTO volt gauge, and monitor fuel pressure and AFRs from the Aeroforce gauge. The gauge pod was 150 and included the boost gauge, the maverick man CF instrument cluster bezel was 250.

Here is the Aeroforce gauge. Bought it for 180. Faceplate and fuel pressure sender was 85 bucks. EDIT: Aeroforce gauge I bought was a dud, but the seller was cool about it and promptly refunded me.

Colt's LSA OTR took some modifying, but overall I'm pleased with it. Rad cover that came with it immediately went in the TRASH. Looks good IMO. I had to cut the intake itself, and cut the legs off of my Ron Davis radiator. This cost me 400 bucks.

Top view. Sorry for the flow of info, I'm all over the place. I got a ZL1 lid and ordered a Maverick Man carbon fiber cowl hood. The LSA brick was staring to collapse, and there are real gains with the ZL1 lid over the CTSV lid due to the brick mounting tabs, as well as a cooling benefit. ZL1 lid was over 600 bucks, and the Mavman was 1385 IIRC. Money well spent on that hood, it is the best hood for the GTO IMO. Again... the rad cover pieces went straight in the garbage.

I think this thing is turning out beautiful....

LS3goatee 03-02-2019 03:56 AM

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This supercharger coolant tank holds about 2 quarts. Small, but stock setup. Together, the tank and cap were 150 bucks or so... Vibrant silicone coolant hoses as well for 25 bucks per 5' and is great quality.

Another angle.

Another tip. GET LSA VALVE COVERS. OE valve cover / coil brackets did not work in my case, the wiring harness bunches up with the injectors, coil bracket and coil harness. Got these LSA covers complete, minus the oil filler neck, for 200 bucks. they were new take-offs allegedly, but they looked the part. You can see the valve covers here, much cleaner.

LS3goatee 03-02-2019 04:00 AM

I'm burnt out. Been up all night writing this, I need sleep lol so I apologize for any typos or if I forgot anything. I will be adding more as the build is in the final stages. I have to mount the Bosch IC pump, install the bung for the WB, and wire up the Aeroforce. Finally, the Mavman hood, hopefully its here within the next two weeks. Questions/comments are welcome. My IG is @LS3_LaFlare if anyone wants pics/info on all my builds.

Squag27 03-02-2019 05:39 AM

I've seen some of your posts on the FB page! Its a mean looking car and I'm very curious on how Colt's intake works out for you, been thinking of biting the bullet and getting one for my LSA setup too.

LFSADRG 03-02-2019 06:44 AM

Woah, good clean job. Thanks for posting.

gixxer711 03-02-2019 07:32 AM

I bet that Genesis was a blast. Thanks for the write up and keep up the great work!

wills95 03-02-2019 04:39 PM

Hell yeah. This build is killer, great to have something good to read on here. Can't wait to see what it makes for power!

LS3goatee 03-02-2019 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by Squag27 (Post 21559931)
I've seen some of your posts on the FB page! Its a mean looking car and I'm very curious on how Colt's intake works out for you, been thinking of biting the bullet and getting one for my LSA setup too.

I definitely would buy again FWIW, it was a bit of a headache but it looks awesome if nothing else and draws the cooler air from outside vs the hot air intakes most use. I'm not falling for the wild gains he claims like 130wtq, but the ram air effect and cooler air should account for something, in theory...

Would be much easier fit if you are on stock mounts and stock radiator.

LS3goatee 03-02-2019 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by LFSADRG (Post 21559945)
Woah, good clean job. Thanks for posting.

Thank you!

LS3goatee 03-02-2019 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by gixxer711 (Post 21559955)
I bet that Genesis was a blast. Thanks for the write up and keep up the great work!

It was. Here is when it was supercharged.

Here is when it was N/A.

LS3goatee 03-02-2019 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by wills95 (Post 21560001)
Hell yeah. This build is killer, great to have something good to read on here. Can't wait to see what it makes for power!

I appreciate it! I'll definitely keep updating the thread and will update with numbers etc.

LS3goatee 03-05-2019 08:48 AM

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Got the tank pulled to swap my DW65c for a DW300c. 265lph vs 340lph, and the DW300c flows 295lph at 60PSI so it should be enough for me. Stock fuel setup other than the lines that meet the fuel rail, 61PSI when the pump is running according to a mechanical gauge.

Since I was under the car to detach/reattach the fuel lines, I went ahead and installed the no-weld bung for my AFR sensor.

LS3goatee 03-05-2019 08:57 AM

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Got the Maverick Man CF instrument cluster bezel. Got it off Ebay for 250 - I was so shocked it was available I pm'd the guy after I bought, and surprisingly, he said it was available for two months lol I just needed an extra gauge pod so it all worked out. TOP NOTCH QUALITY.

Looks so damn good.

LS3goatee 03-05-2019 09:29 AM

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Got the supercharger coolant lines routed. In this pic where the circle is, I'll add a 90* fitting to avoid any issues with the grill or pinching. Got the pump mounted as well.

Also, I currently have VMR v710 square setup 18x8.5 +35 and need more meat in the rear. Picked up some MRR GT7 in 18x9.5 in the rear but they did no clear my brembos in the front, so, I got two pairs of wheels for sale now LOL

(Car is a lot lower on coilovers, but the front of the vehicle is up on jack stands so there is a gap)

Picked up a forged set of wheels and can't wait til they get here! I went with 19s this time. I bought them in matte black but here is a photo of them in hyper black to show the wheel better.

Matte black

LS3goatee 03-07-2019 01:09 PM

Got it started.

LS3goatee 03-07-2019 07:05 PM

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With tax season here and tons of folks saying they're going full tax return baller and LSA swapping, I thought this thread would have more clicks and questions. Guess I'll stop updating and leave this last pic here!

gixxer711 03-07-2019 07:35 PM

Don’t stop!

Glynn 03-08-2019 09:14 AM

Along for the ride, the only question is how big does my tax return need to be to replicate. ;-)

Ls7GTO 03-08-2019 02:15 PM

Awesome thread and documentation, Thank You!

I also enjoy the videos you did and keeping us updated.

LS3goatee 03-08-2019 10:56 PM

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Forged wheels came in! My VMRs were great, but 8.5 in the rear wasn't enough to slap a good size tire on. After buying and fitting the MRRs, they did not clear my brembos, so I bought another set. Garage looks like a tire shop for now! I have both the VMR v710s and MRR GT7s being sold tomorrow!

They look crazy good IMO. I have some Michelin Pilot Super Sports for the rear and Bridgestone Potenza for the fronts going on in the morning. I'll take more pics then.

LS3goatee 03-08-2019 10:58 PM

Delivery of the hood was pushed back to Monday/Tuesday timeframe. Damn freight company. But the Mavman Cowl will be here soon and I will be adding a heat extractor to it so stay tuned! It will turn out great! Definitely will be unique.

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