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The forums are here for anyone to post on. We do not limit registration to anyone nor do you need to own a Pontiac GTO, Holden Monaro, Vauxhall Monaro, or Chevy Lumina SS to join. We hope to make this website/forum an informational and enjoyable place to visit.

Definitions: STAFF: Moderators, Administrators, or other people designated by the site owner.

The forum is considered to be a lightly moderated board. The basic ground rules for discussions are simple: respect other users, use common sense, don't break the law and don't post any message that even hints at advertising. We do not tolerate SPAMMING of our members.

The moderating staff does not intend on censoring messages based on the opinions expressed within, but to only enforce the policies outlined both here and on the Forum. The following rules of the Forum serve as a notice for all members to adhere to. The site encourages members to try to work out their differences and only report those posts/threads that require immediate moderator intervention.

Management (Moderators & Administrators) reserves the right to modify/edit/move any thread/post at anytime, as well as serve infractions, and or bans, for any reason as they deem fit without prior warning or notice. In addition, management reserves the right to act, or not to act, on any violation as they so choose.

Staff can delete a thread or post at the request of the author of the thread/post. Please Private Message or email a moderator (or administrator) if you do not understand any of the rules, guidelines or policies outlined below or if you have any questions. Note: Due to an overwhelming number of spammers, at time of registration or profile update all users must post their location (Minimum requirement is to list the State/ or Country if outside the U.S.) in their profile. Inaccurate locations in a profile can result in a permanent ban.

Topics, posts, debates, etc in regards to Religion, Politics, or Racism, outside designated forums, will be removed.

Any attempt by a member to postwhore their way to meet a forum quota for a restricted forum will result in all of the users posts being deleted.

  • MEMBERSHIP ETIQUETTE--Be considerate of your audience when posting. In the online forum setting, your true intensions won't always be perceived the same way by others. All members are to be respected. Outside of clearly designated arenas, posts/threads concerning expressions of hatred based on race/ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, and religion are strictly prohibited.

  • PERSONAL ATTACKS--Avoid personal attacks. When you disagree with another members post/thread don't attack the member, debate the content or concept within the disagreement. When you feel you've become the recipient of a personal attack, your only actions should be to notify a moderator and ignore the user's attack.

  • PROFANITY/AUTO-CENSOR--The use of profanity should be held to a minimum. Profanity itself may not prohibited, but excessive use will be moderated. In addition, this site utilizes an auto-censor which automatically replaces certain words with asterisks (*****). Deliberately circumventing this feature by changing spelling etc. is prohibited.

  • PORNOGRAPHY--Pornography is prohibited in every way, shape, and form. Images, videos, or any other type of media that are of any questionably underage people wearing little to no clothing, is strictly prohibited.

  • POSTING MEDIA--Posts that contain one or more images, video, or any other media, that depict gore or violence, in the view of the moderation team, are prohibited

  • AVATARS--Customs avatars are permitted in the forum. Things to avoid are anything that contain the following: nudity, politics, defamation, assaulting, or otherwise inappropriate in the view of the moderators. Custom avatar privileges can be revoked at any time for any reason.

  • ADVERTISING/SPONSORSHIP--Advertising is permitted on the forum only if pre-approved by the site owners. Those interested in advertising should contact [email protected]. Any unauthorized advertisements are prohibited. The term 'advertising' also includes providing any details about a non-sponsoring entity such as an address, contact information, etc., etc. Advertising non-sponor sites/companies with links or ".com's" is not allowed, as well as any over advertising by name of a non-sponsor.

  • SOLICITATION/SPAM--The solicitation of forum members as a resource to be "mined" by individuals, groups, other internet forums, or businesses, for profit or not for profits, is strictly prohibited and enforced. Spamming the forum will result in eternal damnation.

  • MEMBERSHIP IDENTITY--The impersonation or misrepresentation of ones identity on the forum is prohibited. This includes logging in or using another member's identity

  • MULTIPLE MEMBERSHIPS--Multiple forum memberships are not permitted. This includes reregistering when an account is locked, suspended, or banned.

  • LINKS--Linking to any file/program/software that could harm a persons computer. This includes “crash me” sites. We do not allow links to competing websites. Links to non-competitive sites are permitted unless those sites/links are deemed inappropriate by the staff.

  • DONATIONS--We are a tight-knit community; everyone cares for the well-being of each other and helps each other out. For legal reasons we do ask that the board is not used for soliciting donations. If there is a large cause (like the Hurricane Katrina) we ask that you speak with the site owners for approval. This includes any form of asking for monetary gifts.

  • SPONSOR DISPUTES--If a member has a complaint or dispute with a site-sponsor the proper recourse is to make a valid attempt to work out their differences first through private messages or by personal communication (email, telephone). If an issue cannot be settled between the sponsor and the member the moderation staff could make an attempt to mediate the differences. If the dispute is over payment or faulty products the member should make mention of it to the site owners and take necessary steps for settlement outside the forum (e.g. BBB, outside arbitration). Members can leave transaction related feedback in the appropriate sub-forum, but any type of sponsor harassment is strictly prohibited.

The Forum staff will use discretion whether or not to act on a particular incident. The rules are only a guideline for members to follow and will be enforced as the staff chooses. If a staff members determines that a site rule or policy has been broken, the following may occur:

A temporary infraction can be placed on an account.

Infractions work off of a 5-point system. A 1-point infraction is the least serious, and a 5-point infraction is the most severe.

Generally, infractions received will remain active on an account for up to 20 days.

Accounts that receive a total of 10 active points in a given period will be subject to an automatic 7-day suspension.

The issuing staff member will determine the corresponding number of points an infraction will receive depending on the staff members view of the severity of the incident.

Members will be notified of an infraction through private messages (PMs). If a member wishes to dispute an infraction they must communicate to the issuing staff member or administrators through PM. Do not create a thread to whine, complain, or discuss the matter. Simply take the infraction for what it's worth, make an adjustment, and your experience here will be much better. Continuing in the infractionable actions or creating a drama fest around the subject will only dig your hole deeper.


A temporary/permanent suspension of an account can occur at any time with or without warning depending on the severity of an offense.

Spammers will not be warned before a permanent account suspension is issued.

  • Signatures are allowed on the forum, however they must be reasonable in size and content (HTML is not allowed)

  • Absolutely no pornography or bad language are allowed in your signature. Keep politics in the debate section and out of your sig.

  • Signature pictures are limited to 450(W) X 200(H). An example of that size is below:


  • You are allowed 8 lines of text if you do not have a signature picture, 4 lines of text if you do have a picture

  • Advertising of any form is not allowed in your signature unless you are a Supporting Vendor

  • If you want more info then your signature can fit, simply make a post about your car and link to it in your signature! That way you can fit all the information about your mods and your car as you want

  • If your signature is too big, a member of the staff will PM you informing you to edit it to fit the requirements. If you do not edit your signature in a reasonable amount of time (or your signature is so ridiculously large that we aren't waiting) it will be edited by the staff.

  • Your post count must reach 100 before you post in the For Sale Sections (for sale posts in unrelated sections are prohibited)

  • Be clear in your thread title if you are selling a part or looking for a part. (ie. WTB= "Wanting to Buy" ) Be sure to place your thread in the right section. Wanting to Buy, Parts for Sale, Non-Automotive for Sale, etc.
  • Be descriptive. Take lots of pictures (if possible). Most importantly, post a price! Nothing more frustrating then having a part up for sale that you want to buy and the poster left no price.

  • Pictures of the actual items being sold with your screen name and date of posting are required. This helps prevent false descriptions.

  • This is not ebay - do not make people 'bid' on your item. Post your asking price!
  • Advise how to get in touch with you. If you don't visit the forum very often, leave an email address.
  • When you have finally sold your part, please post that you have done so! The preferable way would be to edit your original post to reflect the status of the item for sale. (This goes for price changes as well)
  • After you have completed a transaction with another member, leave feedback for them!

  • Be sure to check out who you are buying from or selling to. Many transactions happen here daily, there are some transactions gone bad. Be warey if someone is trying to use only a money order, wants expedited shipping, selling something they do not have in hand, etc.
  • Do not hijack sell or swap threads to indicate your unhappiness with a price or with a product. If you aren't going to buy it, don't bother!

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