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Originally Posted by jgearheart...View Post
Ok, got it wired in and a few points.

First off, the wiring isn't quite as straightforward as the parts-express web site. If you wire it in the way it indicates, it will work, but it will be high pass only.

I've never used an oem component from one car in another, so it took some trial and error but here is the configuration I used to get low pass instead.

2 orange wires w/ blue stripe from factory amp > red power wire from kicker amp
2 black wires / blue stripe from factory amp > black bower wire from kicker amp
Remote Turn On Signal:
Blue wire with orange stripe from factory amp > gray wire from main kicker amp harness
Blue wire with black stripe from factory amp > gray wire with black stripe from main kicker amp harness
Low Pass Signal:
Green wire with red stripe & yellow wire with red stripe from factory amp > black wire from kicker sub harness
Green wire with white stripe & yellow wire with white stripe from factory harness > gray wire from kicker sub harness

It's fits the bill perfectly for what I had in mind.

I plan on dropping a sub in the back panel for lows, but also wanted a little extra midbase kick since I listen to alot of rock and some light metal.

This amp makes the back panel 6.5s sound the way they should have from the factory - tight and clean even at loud volumes.

Even with the wiring headache, install took roughly an hour. For $20 this was a great little boost.

New guy here. Ive been browsing around for awhile but this wiring headache forces me to ask the question

I cannot get the amp to turn on and power the rear woofers.
There are still two wires on the factory harness that aren't connected.
The orange wire and the striped yellow wire.
Are they supposed to be connected?
And the two green wires from the kicker do they go unused?

When you talk about kicker sub harness are you referring to the separate gray and black wire that were not tied together in the rest of the wiring?