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Originally Posted by NicD...View Post
So I had about 20 minutes to get it roughed in on the dyno before loading it up on a trailer for it's maiden voyage a few weekends ago. Having never even driven the car on the street afterwards with the blower/glide I had no idea how it was going to behave or anything on it's first pass so I just softly rolled into it and I'll be damned if it didn't run an 8 right off the trailer. Actually this was the first 1/4 mile pass for both Joe and I with the new combos so make that two 8 second passes right of the trailer. Then I found the blower belt was rubbing the water pump under sustained load so I didn't want to risk wrapping the belt up on an electrical harness or something if it broke so that was that for the night. Already put the electric water pump back on since it has tons of clearance. We originally removed the electric water pump and switched it back to mechanical because the bolts that held on the snout pulley backed out from the vibration, turns out Meziere only used teflon tape on the bolts instead of using loctite so we re-did that and will give it another go. If this soft first pass is where it begins I can't wait to see where it will end up.

Dang, thats scootin. You've got quite the collection of badass rides.

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