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This is my understanding:
GTO headlights = 3 choices
• OEM = Best but expensive if new / good condition
• Spyder = Not horrible, but not great.
• Dorman = Well, I'm glad there's more options, but not these.

Sadly my OEM headlights were beyond saving and I ended up buying the Spyder headlights (back in 2015). The 1st year they weren't horrible. I actually began to like them despite their "cheap" styling / materials. A year later whatever "protective coating" that was on them began peeling. Once it all peeled off the lights began to yellow a bit, but I figure I would restore them, no big deal. Unfortunately something dripped on them recently and ate into the plastic, so now I'm smurfed.

Long story short, if I bought new Spyder headlights. Can your product be applied to these despite whatever protective coating is already on them?

Annnd by chance do you know of another option of headlight assemblies for the GTO?
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