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Originally Posted by 05silgto...View Post
That's good to hear, makes me want to add a fan to my intercooler. I checked out your build thread and I really like your setup. Makes me almost want to switch to turbos but I don't want to loose my long tubes. I'm curious what the hp numbers are, did you ever dyno it?
I will be installing my aluminum radiator after the weekend. I'll let you know if I notice any difference in temps, that is if I'm able to get it to fit with fabrication as it is a little larger than stock.
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Big A** fan in the way.
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It comes with a trans cooler so I would like to put it to use. I really would like to use it as a fuel cooler cause after an hour of driving, my external fuel pumps get noticeably louder but I doubt e-85 would do well with aluminum. Maybe i'll trim a piece of one of the brackets in a unnoticeable area to test in e85. I would also have to largen the hole to 3/8 too or else the return will get backed up.
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I was wrong about my trans temp. Btw. I'm using the aeroforce scan guages and trans temp. Is always the same as ambient temp. So the scanner must be pulling that data from the wrong sensor. Looks like the t56 might not even come with a stock temp. sensor lol.

I never had it dynoed. Itís still a work in progress. Iím probably doing all this backwards but Iíll try to explain.
First I got the car cleaned up after I bought it. Then I started doing go fast stuff to it. I put a stereo in it (part of what I had for it anyways). Then I went to the track. I was pretty disappointed with a 12.1 at 113mph. Even though I didnít have full length headers yet. Then I lined up with a turbo v6 firebird. It ran 11.5 @ 120mph. I said I gotta have that. So I decided at that point Iím was going to turbo it. Took a few months but I half ass got it done. I say half ass because I was running the stock fuel pump, no intercooler and a thrown together exhaust. But I was able to drive it. I donít like my car being down. Soon as I could I added the fuel pump. Then just improvements and changes along the way. I added a intercooler shortly after getting it running because my iatís were very high. I rushed my crossover pipe so I had to redo it because it kept leaking and breaking clamps and flex sections. When I went to the track, it went [email protected] with a broken v band and a big exhaust leak. I fixed it a few days later. Boost didnít drop and made a couple extra lbs. Iíve since upped the boost even more and built a 3.5Ē downpipe. I have still yet to redo the exhaust. But you see how Iím just doing things in stages instead of having the car down, I like to drive it too much.
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