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Originally Posted by Raxus GTO...View Post
Got my CTS-V1 fronts today

Now researching the best way to make the CTS-V1 rears work.

I got the CTS-V2 fronts on Monday! I am going to wait for the kit to use the Z06 rears.
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Originally Posted by AlphaEden...View Post
you're quite the manwhore now aren't you

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Owing a GTO is like marrying a stripper. You know it's wrong and it's going to end badly, but the sex is so hot you can't help yourself.

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No he ain't doing no freaking manwhoring, he has a collar around his neck lately, he rarely shows up anymore on Saturday's and when he does he usually has some HOT babe with him who causes him to constantly drool and walk funny!!!!!!!

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