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Testing ball joints and inner control arm bushings

I am buying RR bushings on both ends. My front left RR bushing is original, dry and cracking. The front right was replaced after a fender bender about 8 years ago and it is leaking fluid, so these have to go. The RR bushings at the LCA are rotting on both sides. This is all easy to see.

How do i tell if I need new ball joints and inner control arm bushings. I got under the car today and they look fine, but I figure there might be other ways of checking othe than just an eye test. I ask because it would be easier to buy a new whiteline control arm if I have to replace more than just RR bushings.

However, those prefabricated arms cost $300+ a pair, so if my joints and bushings are good, I would rather not spend it and just do the RR bushings.

Appreciate your help in advance!
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