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I'm glad i read this thread. I'll make a note to steer clear of the drive shaft shop. This isnt the first i've heard of this.

to what do you refer? the vibration or the lackadaisical customer service? I have no interest in arguing nor do i have any personal interest in this, but lots of people (including me) LOVE their DSS driveshafts, i refer specifically to the cf one-piece.

as far as the cs, I have noticed something interesting. slow or somewhat seemingly casual cs can be due to a rotten company or it can be due to a company that has a tremendous product that people are beating down the door for, and they simply do not feel a need to go crazy over cs, even BEFORE the sale. This happened to me with two other excellent high end merchants who ultimately delivered tremendous products worth every cent, and to be honest, DSS themselves seemed rather casual when I had questions prior to sale, but the DS they delivered is an absolute work of engineering art. just something to ponder before you are so sure you do not want to buy from them. i agree, it is hard to know, which are the great ones, and which are not, sometimes.

Also happy with my cf 1 piece. Ordered from kollar and had it in two days.
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I've never had any issues with mine and really love the one piece compared to the stock two piece. The stock drive shaft was sloppy after replacing subframe bushings. Just something to consider. I'm sure an aftermarket two piece is better. I will stick with the DSS one piece.

My stock 2 piece had issues after the guibo and carrier bearing too
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