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Originally Posted by SkiPopeye36...View Post
Your REAR 02’s were set to not report, which is a separate issue from the IM monitors. Those tests can sometimes take forever to complete, but if not, you can temporarily set the ones that will not complete to not report in HP Tuners and they will complete immediately upon key on. I wouldn’t leave them like that, but it can be done in a pinch if you’re tired of driving all over the place to get them to set.

Originally Posted by superchargedgp...View Post
Exactly. This thread is not about rear sensors. Its the sd tune issue due to maf being disabled.

Gotcha so either I drive around alot and keep doing the drive cycle idle or use HPTuners to temporarily set them to not report so they auto pass, then change them back so they'll eventually report over x miles of driving.
NOTE *Speed Density Tuned* so these will never set via driving around.

I do appreciate the info.
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