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Originally Posted by superchargedgp...View Post
If you have hp tuners its not an issue.

Originally Posted by SkiPopeye36...View Post
Yeah, that would just be a temporary solution to pass the emissions test, but you'd want to change it back immediately afterwards.

Yup. Easy to go SD if you have HP Tuners and/or are exempt from emissions testing.

Have to pass the OBDII emissions tests each year and don't have easy access to HP Tuners? Don't even think about going SD.

Originally Posted by superchargedgp...View Post
Driving around wont make them set. Like i told you over text. Its maf based

Yeah I go to CSP for all my tuning needs. Looks like I need to buy HP-Tuners.

Any tips for beginners before I go out and buy it? Where should I buy it from, what should I buy, etc.
Any good documentation that won't put me in a deep coma for 8 months?
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