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Originally Posted by lejambcr...View Post
I bought mine from HP Tuners directly, I don't think they distribute to anyone else? Bought the MPVI2, did not spend the extra $$$ for Pro. Bought 2 credits so that I could tune my GTO. There is tons of stuff on the internet on howto. I learned slowly over the course of about 3 months Started with the simple stuff and added complexity. Sometimes you just need someone to walk you thru the basics in 10-15mins. Since I was born and raised in NJ (might explain a few things) I would be happy to help you get started via some phone discussion.

Step 1: Download the latest version of HP Tuner Suite from their website. You will get the VCM Tuner Editor and VCM Logger/Scanner
Step 2: Find a Stock 2004 GTO (I assume that's your year) tune that someone has posted online. Better yet I'll attach one for you to play with.
Step 3: Read that tune into the VCM Tuner Editor and start playing with it. You can do a lot of learning without spending a nickel.
Step 4: Once you purchase the MPVI2 from HP Tuners you'll be able to read the current tune from your car and start comparing it to stock to see what changes where made to convert it to SD, your tuner might even be kind enough to email you the latest tune he built for you.
Step 5: Concentrate on searching the internet on what settings need to be in the ENGINE DIAGNOSTICS section of the tune to fix your O2 trouble code problem.

Few things:
1) You can get HP Tuners from numerous vendors. Doesnít really make a difference where though as the prices are all set by HP Tuners.
2) You really should not be tuning a car from scratch without the Pro version as you need the Pro version to integrate a wide band. Tuning without a wide band is a horrible thing to do; especially any WOT tuning. Making small adjustments via logging the trims is OK, but thatís about it.
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