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Originally Posted by Duckman...View Post
As long as you have the tools to press the old bushings and ball joints out the oem arms are easily rebuilt. I prefer using the W53175 Whiteline bushing...the two piece construction is easier to install then the W51233. The problem with 51233 is if the bushing isnt square in the arm when pressing you destroy the new bushing. Ball joint wise...I have Pedders in stock right now...RoadSafe is about 2 weeks out. The RoadSafe is genuine Holden in a RoadSafe Box and is better quality then Pedders. Whiteline is always in stock

Is there a performance/longevity difference between W53175 and W51233? A long time ago I supposedly had the Noltec equivalent to W51233 installed but I am chasing down some tire wear/road noise issues so trying to weigh all my options, I'm at 93k and have seen a front right suspension collision before so I am thinking doing tie-rod ends is step one (still on the ones that came with the car). It looks like the prefabbed arms have W53175. The collision damaged my radius rod bushings so had all those replaced at 30k with Noltecs.
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