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Originally Posted by ChargedGoat...View Post
Sorry bout that...thereís some info in my sig from the first post. I know what to list, but I donít know what it all means haha.

Yes, SD tune. Whatever is happening this time around, didnít happen two years ago..thatís for sure. And over the past 9 or so years since the SD tune, Iíve used a variety of smoggers to get the car passed.

So I found another willing smog shop guy to help me, but he too is at a loss because of the tune.

However, he says that if he can download a stock tune on a 2005 GTO (I believe it has to be an m6 as well) then he can complete the smog for my car. This sound about right??

He says he had an 06 GTO two weeks ago (gray...someone here..?) with headers and it wasnít a problem for him at all.

So now I need a little help from someone who has an 05 GTO and can take their car to the shop. The smog guy is very local to me in Chino.

Any helpers out there?? We can talk about winning prizes for sure

Hey ChargedGoat....any luck with the Tuners site? If not, I have an 05 M6 in Orange County. What would be involved in getting your guy what he needs? I had mine smogged back in January or February of this year and it passed with no issues. I'm hoping that's the last time I ever have to get that car smogged here in CA....hoping to have moved back to the East Coast before it needs it again!
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