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Originally Posted by zech912...View Post
those tire rack fitments are unusually good and your fitments should be great. I would not go stock height springs, because the appearance of the stock sagging springs is actually awesome. the rear will look raised and not as good if you put the so-called stock height springs in there. I run Pedders -10 in the rear and they are awesome. your car looks beautiful, hope you are not doing black wheels to it.

Good news to me then because I just ordered them! But bad news for you because they are indeed gloss black rims from the link I posted at the beginning....I would have done gunmetal/charcoal gray but the only thing gray on the car is the rear valence and stock kidney grilles, which I am pulling and getting painted semi-gloss black. And I'll be smoking headlights, tails, side markers, and fogs too. Emblems eventually.

I agree, if they are indeed sagging, it looks great. But performance-wise not the best. We'll see how the new setup does before I bite the bullet on suspension.

Originally Posted by zech912...View Post
a note of caution, if still running stock struts in the front, you will be 6 mm closer. though +42 is an ideal offset for the front and is in fact what I have with aftermarket struts, it might be close but should be ok with stock struts and 235 tires.

Well if they aren't rubbing with 265s, I should be okay.

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