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Remove the snap ring holding the old bearing with 11" long nose pliers.

Then remove the bearing. This is really on there, see post 2 above. (1/2 " bolts n nuts, a big piece of steel behind the bearing, 3 pieces of steel in front to pull it, and washers, etc) BE LIBERAL WITH YOUR PENETRANT OF CHOICE
This is a before pic of the setup

With the bearing out, sandpaper the seat to make sure it's clean. give it a wipe with you're favorite toxic organic solvent then proceed

FUN PART, with the bearing in the freezer and torch in your right (or left if you're weird) hand. Heat the bearing seat, this should take about 5 10 minutes. Then throw the bearing in. Should be easy as cake.

Not so fun part...
Now to remove the inner race of the bearing from the stub. Place the stub in a vice. Heat the inner race as much as possible but be cautious (You will find out why shortly). we used an acetylene torch With a tap, hit the inner race around and around in the direction to remove it as much as possible. You are trying to get enough room to get the arms of in there. Yeah once it's up a little you can use this puller to remove the inner race. THIS IS ON SUPER TIGHT. At least as tight as the bearing was on the seat.

***DISCLAIMER***WHEN TAPPING THE INNER RACE NOTE THAT YOU JUST PUT AN EXTREMELY HOT FLAME ON IT AND AS YOU TAP IT, CHIPS WILL FLY OFF, THEY WILL BE HOT. I cannot stress this as they would literally land on my skin and make me bleed immediately. it burned through the skin.

Once the inner race is removed, discard it and put the stub in the freezer.

To install stub, lightly grease the bearing and heat the bearing gently BE SURE NOT to heat the rubber gaskets and melt them, otherwise you can start over, this is not hard to do, but if you're an idiot I guess you'll melt the gaskets, in which case you'll have no idea until you drive the car and it's worse than before. We had a temperature gun that read temperature so we heated the bearing to ~200 which is definitely less than the heat generated from driving friction, so no worries. Then toss the stub back in.

Put the car back together in reverse and you should be good. She'll be quiet and you'll hear you exhaust again, this was such a good feeling and could easily be done in two days (16 hrs total most just waiting for things to chill, and grinding the socket)

Happy bearing changing out!!!

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