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Originally Posted by vanrah...View Post
Greetings guys; I hope I qualify for this group. I purchased mine December of 06 with 4000 miles on it as GM had titled it. So am I a first owner or not? At first I thought it had been in the train wreck? It was built in June of 05 & I have learned that the train wreck was prior to that date? Anyway it's got 41,000 on it now. And I plan to attend the "Slay the Dragon" this coming October. And hope to attend the Goat Run 2020 if the event is held again. I have a Holden nose arriving soon for a new look. A dream I've had ever since I purchased it. With a name like mine it just seems right? Ole' Bob.

Yeah, i'm in a similar boat.

Purchased my 05 from a Pontiac/Buick/GMC dealer as a used car, at 5995 miles on the ODO, but it came with the Certificate of Origin from GM, as it was never titled. It was explained to me that it was a "GM company car" and some GM exec farted in the seat for 6 months before returning it. Not sure how true that is.
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