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LS3 + LSA Blower Complete Build

My intention for this thread is to guide those through my budget minded builds. I've done a LS1, LS3, and LSA build in my Hyundai Genesis Coupe, so I am not a newb and I have become very resourceful as far as getting parts and getting them cheap. I have done ALL of my own work with every single build I have done, so while my verbiage may not be up to par I certainly know what I am doing.
Here is the Genesis so nobody can call me a liar!


Finally, before we begin, I will do my best to explain the steps and the costs and reasoning behind the direction I went with this build. But please. Be proactive. Don't copy my shit verbatim... well, I can't stop you lol
I will post approximate prices, I am not going to scrub my receipts, but I will ball park what I paid.

So. 2004 GTO with 145,xxx I got just before the midway mark of the year in 2018. I got it for something like 4800 but I always round down for cool points and tell folks I got it for 4k lol but it was beat. No grills, paint bad, some damage in the rear driver side etc., so I knew it'd be a project and I also knew I'd be doing an engine swap then a LSA blower. I replaced just about everything on the carI found a LS3 short block for 1400 with 38k on the clock, and L92 heads (823) for 500 bucks that the seller insisted on selling L92 exhaust manifolds, L92 intake/TB, flywheel, coil packs and some other items that I may be forgetting, so... I sold all that junk and quickly recouped the cost of the heads. I sold the 241 heads off of my LS1 for $200, and the LS1 shortblock for 1k (it must have been recently rebuilt, the cylinder walls were perfect, and oil pressure was 45psi hot with a stock oil pump) and transferred the OE accessories over to the LS3 with some goodies added for the valve train, cam and melling oil pump. To use the LS3 w/ 58x reluctor on the 411 ecm on the 04, I used a 250 buck TRG-002, MAP sensor adapter, injector adapters, knock sensor harness for LS1 to LS3, and obviously a tune (I have HPTuners).

No hood/bumper removal, and the engine tranny attached. It can be done contrary to popular belief.

Flash forward about two weeks - the Melling oil pump seizes, sending metal everywhere, and the crank ate the bearings and itself, but miraculously the cam still looked brand new! I took it for a rebuild, king bearings, ARP rod bolts, Tick ported/blueprinted LS6 pump etc... Local machine shop said they'd never seen it before, but ehh.. what can ya do?

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