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I beat myself up everyday by not having the reluctor wheel swapped over to 24x, but really, it was such a pain getting in contact with Outlaw Race Engines, and when I did I was told 2-3 days blah blah (this went on for a month), that I just wanted my engine back. After some months go by and I start to prep for an LSA blower, I go through just about everything, suspension, cooling, braking via brembos etc., because like I said from the beginning, I knew it would be LSA swapped but it just took longer since I had to rebuild.

Anyway. First kind of budget minded move I made was buying a used Mishimoto oil cooler that was originally made for a 5th gen Camaro for 200 bucks, and a used Ron Davis radiator for 250. I live near PHX, and the summers are brutal so every bit helped.

Now, I did have to buy a 100 dollar Improved Racing adapter since the threads of the Camaro pan aren't the same as the GTO. To mount it (you'll see the pics later in this thread), I broke the mounts for the OE power steering cooler off and used it to mount the oil radiator near the passenger headlight.

I previously had a Howard's version of the ASA cam (226/236 .525"/.525" 110LSA), which had great torque that came strong early, but it was rowdy and loud. Starting it, it would chop til the house shook, and I know the neighbors grew tired, as did I, so I went with a much more reserved LS9 cam. Since the engine was just rebuilt, I went out and bought some dowel rods from Home Depot for a whopping 5 bucks (some sell kits for 80 bucks GTFOH), and changed the cam without removing the heads.

I have a GM plug that I had an option of getting a core blower for 600 bucks (have a backup now), but at the time, he was waiting for the 30 days to pass before he was allowed to buyback and sell, so I bought one that was rebuilt with solid isolator allegedly for 1400 bucks. I sold my front end accessories for 220, intake, cam, anything I wasn't going to use and made back 1140. I chose to use LSA accessories because the blower needs to be on its own drive, you can get away with one belt, but the blower 8 rib belt needs 160-240 ft. lbs., while the accessory drive belt only needs 90-125 - while I am running stock pullies for now (not power hungry, I just want a fun car) belt slip shouldn't be an issue but if I swapped pullies I feared belt slip *could* be an issue.

Along with using the LSA accessories, I also needed to change the wiring for the CTSV alternator. This was all cheap and I'll see why.

You can use a C6 corvette water pump instead of buying a LSA pump, it is THE SAME. It cost me 120 bucks new, while LSA pumps are closer to the 200 mark. I don't have P/S or A/C (no A/C yet, but good riddance to P/S) so I had to source a smaller belt, add a grooved idler, and of course rewire/add the CTSV 150AMP alternator.

Took me forever to find the wiring diagrams, but it is pretty simple to rig up. I'll spare the details unless someone asks.

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