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DSS Two-Piece Vibration

Well, Iíve just installed my new DSS 2-Piece Chromoly/Aluminum driveshaft, and when I hit speeds of around 50mph to 60mph there is an audible deep humming, followed by vibrations in the trans tunnel area.

Iíve went through the various troubleshooting methods:
- Made sure the trans and diff were aligned
- Moved the flange over one to each of the three bolts
- Checked engine/trans mount
- Had all of the wheels checked (balanced, etc)
However, the issues still persist. Iíve reinstalled my DSS one piece aluminum driveshaft, and when I reach those speeds there is no humming nor any vibrations. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to check next?

I contacted DSS via phone, and the first time I was told to fill out the online form. I've filled out their online request form... twice. It's been two weeks and I've yet to receive a reply. I've called numerous times since, but I'm unable to get through, and their mailbox is full. I'd like to send it in to have the balance checked on it, but I'm sure I'll need an RMA first.
Does anyone have an alternate means of contacting them?
Appreciate any input (regarding the subject matter or course )
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