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Originally Posted by LS3goatee...View Post
Instead of buying a GTO for 17-18k when its all said and done (at dealer? taxes, tag, title...), buy a decent one less than half of that, power adder, and you've now made it faster for the total price of a used LS7! A couple grand more you can find a CTSV private party...

An $8-9k GTO is no where near what I would call "decent". A GTO going for that much (or little) is going to be ragged out and most likely in need of a LOT of TLC.

Originally Posted by Nothubertjfarnsworth...View Post
you can get a ton more power by doing heads and cam on an ls7 than any stock block engine that came with the GTO. you don't need to do boost.

LS7 Z06's run 9's with heads and cam and get 600+ whp.

if it is, keep it. that thing will be a monster if you mod it.

the only thing i would worry about is the valve seat eccentricity. but, if you do the heads, you should have that covered anyhow.

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