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Originally Posted by Jailor...View Post
I had my tuner shut them off with LS1 edit software.

Passed with flying colors at inspection time.

Originally Posted by JSRacing...View Post
My O2s were turned off as well and I passed. I'm due again in September, hopefully it passes again.

Originally Posted by GGGGOAT...View Post
Same hear. HPTuners, turned them off and even passed w/o cats.

Originally Posted by GT_OH_NO...View Post
Same my rears are turned off. CSP should be able to help you with that. If not PM me i might be able to help out.

Your REAR 02’s were set to not report, which is a separate issue from the IM monitors. Those tests can sometimes take forever to complete, but if not, you can temporarily set the ones that will not complete to not report in HP Tuners and they will complete immediately upon key on. I wouldn’t leave them like that, but it can be done in a pinch if you’re tired of driving all over the place to get them to set.
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