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Originally Posted by lejambcr...View Post
OK thanks, its just that I see this as a primary source of my clunking. The diff seems pretty tight still. The tranny is a little sloppy too.

Manual transmission? They are always quite loose (and not just in GTOs). Not abnormal there.

Personally, if I upgrade my adjusters and inner stubs it won't be to try to eliminate the clunking, just to have better pieces in there (GForce adjusters have larger bearings which I like). If they eliminate the clunking I'd be thrilled, just don't think they would at this point. At this point I'm assuming the clunking I have is typical healthy GTO, just that the sound is exaggerated due to poly cradle bushings, Harrop rear cover, Koni shocks, Lovell springs and Spohn toe rods with spherical rod ends at one end each. I mean, 20k miles ago it made these same sounds before I added all these pieces, it just became more noticeable as I added improvements.

In essence I've been chasing a ghost for 9 years now.

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