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Originally Posted by Rich-Tripower...View Post
On my 69 Chevy pickup at one time I got a weird clunk when shifting from Park to Drive or Reverse. I had had trouble with the carrier bearing in the driveshaft so I checked it out real well, was in fine shape. BUT, I found that one of the u-joints had seized and the joint was working it's way through the cast steel yoke, surprised it didn't fly apart. I had just towed my show car home from a show that day, a 100 mile round trip, could have been ugly.

Anway, had to replace half of the driveshaft as the yoke was seriously damaged. Weird thing was, it made no noise at all while driving, only a clunk when shifting into gear or from Drive to Reverse.

In a way I wish something would pop up on the GTO that is that obvious so I could just fix it and be done with it. I just have to live with the fact that there isn't anything wrong with the GTO.

there is, you just haven't found it.

i have to do the u-joint on my fruck soon.
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