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turn signal/renderse light fuse keeps blowing

EDIT: i meant reverse light, not renderse light in the title, but i cant change it LOL.

Hey all, I have the following glitch in my car that just started happening and I wanted to drop you a line and see if anyone have the same issue or had it in the past and it got resolved by your dealer.

I noticed the other day that when i went to use my turn signals, they were not working. I noticed the 15a fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse and everything worked again. I started up the car in nuteral and turned the turn signal on. I put the car into reverse and the fuse promptly blew again...I replaced the fuse yet again, and the same issue again. The fuse controls the reverse lights as well, so they did not work either.

Bulbs are all fine.

After searching and reading about others that have had similar issues, there is still no definitive cause i can find to tell my dealer.

I understand its only a M6 issue, and it's only when you put the car into reverse that the fuse blows.

I have no aftermarket electrical stuff in the car at all, and there has been no work done on the car for quite a while before this happened.

My guess is it's a bad reverse sensor that might be shorting stuff out. Any ideas?
If this has happened to you and you know the bad part number that the dealer replaced, that would be great to know.

Thanks in advance guys.

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