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  • YellowJacketLS3 ·
    Hey my name is Frank Shepard, just wanted to say thank you for the cluster mod program and I had two questions. Are you planning any updates in the future on the cluster mod past version .30 and if you ever discovered where the cold shift light temperature setting was? As in if I need hp tuners or something to access i'm just curious because i'm going to a 160T in my car in a couple weeks and I will be changing the fans turn on temp etc. in HPTuners regardless so if i knew where to go for the default "Warmed up temp setting" it would be a big help! Anyway, thanks again!

    PS: If it's easier you can just text me back a reply. (631)827-7734
    BCgoat ·
    Hey i was just wondering how you change the tach to the 2.15 multiplier. If you could help me that would be great. Thank you
    LingenfelterGoat ·
    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for all your help to date. I had the program working but now when I try to interface with the cluster I just get timeout messages when I try to read table 9.

    I can use the listen command and see data so I'm not sure what to do at this point. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    You can reach me directly at:

    [email protected]


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