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  • Airbornegoat ·
    Hey Jorge how you been? I have a buddy with an 06 camaro who was wanting to see about having his tails tinted. He kinda wants an estimate of what it would cost.
    LS2 GTO T-REX ·
    Man I know this gto's but nice cars
    what's all done to that Trans Am...
    my uncle gave me his Smokey B
    that's nice and your motor work too
    nice ...
    aj signorelli ·
    hey Jorge its Anthony i was the one who was interested in buying the tinted tails from you...well im going to so pm me back
    skrGTO06 ·
    Hey Jorge, it's Darryl. We just got another Goat in our high Desert herd, He should be in the forum soon and will be attending our upcoming gatherings.
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