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    Bought new 2004 75K on the odo. Just put in an LS7 clutch, not because it needed it but due to the slave crapping out and a bad center support bearing.
  2. damn ignition cylinder

    Mine is crapping out too, more so with the heat outside. Thanks for the how to vid! If you wiggle it around enough it will turn on, part on order...
  3. FRC's

    Parts for sale
    frc I sent a pm
  4. turn signal fuse blowing

    switch Ditto on mine reverse switch caused the same symptoms. Check this thread for parts and pics...
  5. Carfax

    The Lounge
    Anyone have an account they wouldn't mind running a VIN? I'm helping my daughter buy her first car, scary. PM Thanks
  6. Alpine Sub Amp MRD-M605 for sale, new in box.`

    Parts for sale
    amp PM'd
  7. WTB HP Tuners hptuners

    Parts/Cars Wanted (WTB)
    Looking for 2004 GTO and 2002 Corvette s/w and h/w?
  8. 04 to 05/06 Conversion

    exhaust upgrade I went from stock 04 to 06 stock to flowmasters...less then $250
  9. Turn signal not working

    I added a few pics of what I did to repair the turn signal. The symptom is no blinkers, no reverse lights but hazards still work. The cause, the reverse switch is gone. First I did like most replacing the fuse. That sometimes corrects the problem, for me it just blew the fuse again. The...
  10. Stereo Code

    unlocked!! Finally got a dealer to get the stereo code, at first he started to give me the run around. Yes I had to go in person and yes I had to coach the guy where to look. Punched in the 4digit code and finally music again!
  11. Stereo Code

    Stereo security code I'm in the same boat, dealer says he's not able to retrieve the code even with the VIN??? He says that Dealerworld doesn't even exist anymore? They tried to make go through some procedure holding the button 2+3 then press the AM/FM button? I think this might be for some...
  12. WTB stock Head Unit HU Stereo

    Parts/Cars Wanted (WTB)
    Anyone upgrade to aftermarket want to part with their HU?
  13. turn signal/renderse light fuse keeps blowing

    turn signal reverse light fuse I have the same thing going on, any part numbers for the switch?
  14. Finally "hard-wired" my Sirius InV Sat Radio

    hardwire I did the hardwire just like in Joes posted link. 15 Min job soldered it just like the pic, sounds good. I used the 4 nail method to remove the head unit, coat hanger was to flimsy. Hard wired cig lighter connector to a connector under the T/C button brown with yellow was 12v ign and...
  15. Limerock Goat tagged the wall ouch!

    Road Racing
    I took this pic up at limerock this summer he got side swiped... There were about 3 racing at that Rolex Race.