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  • 06gtoLD ·
    hello, i saw in one of your post that you had A.I. port your heads. I am very interested in getting my heads ported by them as well.
    I talked to A.I. and they claimed 30-40 hp off of ported heads only! which make me think i should just do a heads port and keep stock cam (sleeper setup). then I was talking to a reputable shop by me, they claimed they could get me 450-460whp on a mild street cam with stock driveabilty and them porting my heads.
    I guess what im asking is, would you suggest getting my heads ported by A.I. and then having the shop do a cam/buy shelf cam OR just have the shop do both heads and cam?

    im lost with what i want route to do next
    Thanks Angelo

    PS, i have slp LT's/K&N/fast 102 intake
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