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  1. ARH 1-3/4 + magnaflow 3" catback

    Makes me want the GOAT again :(
  2. Spintech on, neighbors and wife pissed

    Sounds great! It makes me miss my SW LT's and 3" Magnaflow :cry:
  3. need touch up paint

    As they said above - Automotivetouchup. Used them for my former 2005 Yellow Jacket. Paint and clear were a very good match!
  4. Just got Screwed By Performance Parts Now

    Buyer/Seller Feedback
    I bought the exact same system from an authorized vendor on eBay. Like you, I paid a lot less than suggested (advertised) retail. My system came package in a Maganflow box. The tips were well wrapped in bubble wrap. There was plenty of forming foam and paper packing to protect the other...
  5. welp, joined the club.

    Those are f_cking sexy!!! I'll trade you my wife for them (she's low mileage) :)
  6. What the hell is this - diff. fluid?

    Wow, bad muffler bearings? That sounds serious. Probably expensive too. Doesn't that O Pipe belong in the "You are a douchebag if..." thread?
  7. What the hell is this - diff. fluid?

    Fluid is on the underside of my exhaust pipes in the area of the differential/driveshaft. No drips on the floor. No evidence of leaking from the differential. Any ideas?
  8. 3" Magnaflow Competition Catback Sound Clips

    Glad to see that you pulled the trigger on this system. Again, I apologize that I didn't get respond in time to your PM. Sounds great!!!
  9. How in the world could gm kill this?

    I didn't think that a Camaro could get any uglier. I stand corrected...
  10. I have never done tie rods in my life

    So at what point in the video did Scotty replace the inner tie rod? It looks awfully clean and shiney when he tightens the adjusting nut.
  11. Rear Rotors

    Centric Premium rotors are pretty stout for being a budget friendly rotor.
  12. magnaflow 3" or bassani

    Buy some LM2 bullet mufflers and have the stock tips welded onto the mufflers. That would be your cheapest option.
  13. magnaflow 3" or bassani

  14. magnaflow 3" or bassani

    The 3" system looked like this before the install... *Disclaimer: The baseball is used only to provide scale. Poster does not condone the use of the system to launch projectiles :)
  15. magnaflow 3" or bassani

    That would be mine :) Before this, I had the factory resonator and 2.5" pipe back to the axles with some after-market Magnaflow 3-chamber mufflers. The new 3" Magnaflow system is quite a bit louder (both inside the car and out), but not annoyingly so. It drones in some RPM/speed ranges, but...