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  • spankey027 ·
    hey name is chris, and I live in Maumelle ar. talked to Stephen at etmc today and he mentioned you may have a set of stock rims for sale for a 05-06 gto...any idea what you would want for them?..
    thanks, chris
    The Rock ·
    Hey Dan whats up. Got a question for you, I have a TSP 418 in the car and I am seriously looking at adding an f1A on her. Now I built the car for NA (stupid move) and was just curious on what your build details are (ie pistons, heads etc). If you wouldn't mind shooting me the details I would greatly appreciate it.

    Murlynn ·
    Just curious if you still have that 05/06 brake upgrade. If possible, being in Arkansas, we need to meet up or something regardless of the pads ^.^ There's a few of us in eldo, and I go to school at SAU. Thanks
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