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  • JimmyGTO ·
    Can the thread for the L92 heads/Info and Owners be updated. I finished by build and had it dyno on April 7th. All my info is on the last page of the thread.--Thanks
    GTO 06 ·
    Under GTO National Events can you create a Thread that says "GTOAA National Convention " and one that says "Pontiac-Oakland Club International Convention" This is step 1 of a few things that I would like you to help me with Thanks..Morty
    GTO 06 ·
    Can you change the name of the Thread from 2013 GTO Owners iNternational Event Meet to
    GTOAA International Conventions
    Under GTO National Events

    Also can you create a thread on the GTO National Events That say GTOAA Regional’s
    Talking Goat ·
    Mr Dawson, when you have time ,can you change the wording in the NW section
    From Northern Western stopped thread to (Spotted) It makes us North Western Goats look Dumb. Thank you!
    Robert R.
    JCzzle ·
    Hi Duckman,

    Sorry about the SAP Grilles "TEASER" post. Didn't mean to break the rules.
    I'm not a vendor nor am I a business. I'm just a GTO owner that was frustrated about the lack of parts for us.

    I'm really excited to show my progress on this project but I obviously did it the wrong way since my post was deleted. I tried not putting any prices or taking orders text to not make it a for sale thread so please don't think that I was trying to circumvent the vendor process.

    It's really just a hobby right now and I wanted to give one for free to get some feedback and get a feel for if I should make more.

    I don't think I'll ever make enough to actually mass produce these but if the stars did line up and gave me the opportunity, how would someone like me go about getting sponsored vendor status?

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