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  • Scott_Free ·
    I am trying to post in the FS section but I received a message that I do not have enough privileges, could you see why? I just have an 04 hood I am looking to re-home. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
    spike ·
    Hello Im sure you get this request a bunch. I had an GTO 05 and recently sold it I have some HSV parts I would like to put in the classifieds but it doesnt look like I have permission, is there any way you could upgrade my user so I dont have to put em on Fleabay. Thanks

    Cheers Leigh
    thefastlife ·
    Why does it seem as though my whole account is hidden? My FS thread is only seen on the Classifieds when im signed in and i have email 4 or 5 mods for an explanation and nothing?! Getting a bit frustrated please help me with this situation thanks
    Ahhmygooch ·
    Im trying to get my account to be able to make a post? It says its inactive or waiting for approval. My account is years old how is it still waiting lol I just wanna post a topic.
    05topekaGTO ·
    I just did a FS post and it's been deleted. My posts were lowered to zero. I wasn't postwhoring. Can you shed some light on this situation?
    Gbone02 ·
    Sent a PM about this a few days ago. I sent a payment for stickers on 5/9 but havent received them or received a response. Are they backordered or simply out of stock?
    yzarc13 ·
    Hi, can you help me out please? I have over 100 posts and It won't allow me to post items for sale. Thanks
    Bob R ·

    Please email me back at [email protected] and tell me what I need to do to post something for sale. I'm guessing I have to upgrade by membership...if so how much and how do I pay?

    Bob R

    Sadly I sold the GTO and have a K&N air filter NIB to sell. Thanks!
    gashog ·
    Hi,I fellow member has took my money and never sent me my parts.He sold me a set of nice grills for 50.00 and never had any intention of sending them to me.Please remember his user ID is enuf pwr....
    gashog ·
    Hello,i was wondering if you can help me?I bought a set of grills from another member (enuf pwr) and he has every excuse in the book as to where my items are.I think he took my money and never planned on sending my parts.
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