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  • Spaceme1117 ·

    I have a DSS driveshaft for my 2006 GTO. I recently installed it and I am getting a good bit of vibration in my car when I get to about 65 MPH. And the vibration seems to come and go. I am thinking that my transmission and or pinion angles need to be adjusted. Can you provide me with proceedure on how to adjust this? Thanks.

    Shane Broussard
    Blown Goat ·
    Please, please help my shop with the centersection problem I'm having on my 2004 GTO.
    Please, Big L's Performance is asking that this time the center section be replaced. Please, it has already been rebuilt once by you after only 260 miles or so. I dont want this rebuilt (or attempted to be rebuilt) again. Car is going in a show in October GTOAA and we're listing all car mods and hope you will be one of the vendors of choice. Please help with this. Please.
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