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  • BigBoysToy ·
    Hi Duckman, I have a few questions and hopefully you are da man with the answers.

    1. Will KONI FRONT STRUT CARTRIDGE Adj work with Pedders strut 9985 left and right. I am also using Pedders GTO front coil low 1" drop part # 2275 ?

    2. 06 GTO m6 brass / nylon bushing cup. Can shifter be removed from top to get at bushing cup and is the brass one much louder than nylon one?

    3. Engine cam question, do you know much on this area? If not can you refer me to someone who does?

    Your cooperation, time and assistance in my questions is greatly appreciated,

    [email protected]
    ZITO ·
    Hey Duckman, I have an 05 gto and going to redo my suspension soon, I have 18 inch wheels the suspension is stock. The previous owner had said he had redone the suspension over but its just bushings he had done. Plan to maintain the ride height, just want a better ride and I am looking to spend around 1-2k on upgrades could you give me some guidance?
    Maggot ·
    I'm from So. Cal. do you sell the correct "inner tie rods" for my 2006 GTO? I have the tap to fix the thread pitch (14mm - 1.50 metric). if so how much to deliver to 92585?
    lvl1goat ·
    Hey Andy. Im having a bit of some strut rub up front and a bit of sag in the rear. they said you were the one to talk to about that stuff. Stock set up other than my maggie. Thinking i need a bit of a better set up in the rear. Thoughts? Thanks, Neil
    jaxgto05 ·
    Hey, im new to the gto scene and have been reading a lot on the suspension upgrades that should be done. I am fine with factory ride height, staying with the 17' rims, no major power upgrades. exhaust maybe intake. thought?
    Duckman ·
    Email address? Has ANY suspension work been done to the car? Stock or aftermarket sway bars? What is your current ride from the center of the wheel hub to the fenderlip. Will you be lowering, raising or maintain this ride height?
    Gas.Tires.Oil ·
    I've got some serious camber issues in the rear of my '06 GTO (saggy springs and old bushings). Looking to upgrade to BC BR Coil Overs and poly bushings all around. What's the price for the BC's? Is there a kit that includes ALL bushings, front and rear? Also, I've read about possible end link problems, is there a known solution to this? All current suspension parts are stock.
    hedgehog ·
    I was researching driveshaft center support bearings and found a driveshaft on the Koller site that I had a question about. The pn is gtosh1-a and my question is does this shaft connect to the existing pinion flange or does the flange have to be replaced with something else?
    DjPhaze ·
    Just got off the phone with you Andy. Thanks for your help. ill be giving you a call very soon. Im thinking of getting a 04-06 GTO LOVELLS ELIMINATOR KIT STOCK HEIGHT very soon.
    DjPhaze ·
    Hey Andy. My name is Javier. I think i am a victim of strut rub. I would really appreciate if you would check out my thread on it. Its short. I just started it today.

    But to make the story short. My front left tire is rubbing when turning hard left. I can also hear it. Its been over 2 years since my last wheel alignment and when i got my alignment done i also had this replaced....

    pedders radius rod bushings
    pedders strut mount bearings
    pedders strut mount bushings

    Can you please help me out and tell me what you recommend i should do? You were recommended to me buy the fellow members on this forum. Thanks
    arcenite ·
    Hey Duckman... Trying to install crossmember mounts. It says to use the thick pads for the GTO but I'm having trouble getting it to line up properly. Is there a reason I can't use the thin mounts?

    vipboy28 ·
    Question if im ordering stock height on my springs shocks strut. What size spring pads should i get? 12mm 8mm 6mm?? Or do i even need to replace them? And do i need any other tie aftermarket tierods like pedders?
    eng8tophut ·
    While looking for replacements I noticed strut mounts with and without bearings. Other than the obvious what's better for a Saturday nite streetcar? When funds are right I'll buy new stock height struts from KRP but seems silly not replace the mounts at the same time. Silver/ red interior 2006 GTO BONE stock 10,000 miles.
    up2nuthingud ·
    Hello AK, Turns out i signed up on here a while back and mostly browse. It was good to meet you today, and i look forward to future business.- Jeremy from Serious Autosport
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