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  • 06gtoLD ·
    Hello flink,
    How are you? I saw on one of your post's that you have cut almost off your rear fender lip off. It looks like your cut past the welds. If this is true, I was wondering if you have had any issues with your quarter panel since the welds have been cut out? Thank You for reading. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
    Turk ·
    Hey Flink,

    Have caught bits and pieces of your GTO progress (both mods and track speed). I'm a big autocross fan though i haven't had time to get real serious, and the tracks near me are only so-so in terms of appeal. But, what I'm wondering, after reading some of your posts about the extremes you went to to fit wide tires, is why folks haven't just gone to higher-offset 3-pc wheels and fender flares to get wider tires fit under there? I ask you because you may have already thought through it and found a flaw I'm missing... but I think you'd get back all the space for camber adjustments etc. that you have to worry about when you squish extra rim width towards the inside of the wheel wells.

    Anyway appreciate your thoughts. Apparently you haven't posted in a while so hope all's well and if not the GTO then I hope you're enjoying beating the snot out of your E36 track toy.
    flink ·
    I glued in two places. I folded the aluminum strip into a diamond shape and thoroughly glued the thermistor into the middle part of the strip, to get a good thermal bond between the thermistor and the aluminum. Then the strip was bent away from the straw, then back towards the straw, then glued to the straw right at the ends of the aluminum strip. I did it this way so that any differential thermal expansion between the straw and the aluminum would just cause the aluminum to bend a bit, rather than putting stress into the glued joints or the thermistor.

    All a bit anal, but it's been working fine for however-many years ;)
    CenTexGTO ·
    I was looking at an older post where you modded the Omega IAT. In regards to the aluminum can piece you put on the end, did you super glue the "entire opening close or just the top and bottom of the heat sink! thanks
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