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  • Whitewidow ·
    I need to know why you keep restarting my post count. I have not broken any rules or any regulations that you have set forth on this site, but my post count continues to be reset.
    Hey fox

    Can you please get the flyer to show on the new thread for May 18th? also any chance of making this a sticky since it should be a huge turn out ...hopefully.
    Thanks Dave for your reply, I do understand, being a moderator of my own website back in the hey days of infancy of LS1GTO. Mine was on a site called Speed Riot, which has since gone belly up. So I do know when trolls are on the board and who to watch out for. Mind you, it was NOTHING like this site, it was very small and only had 30 or so members, but in theory it all works the same. Again, thank you for your insight and explanations. Around here, I've seen many come and many go, what's left is a good crew of people. That's why I only hang out in the NE section..... :)
    So it's like Yada, Yada, Yada, there's plenty of non regional stuff in every section. Ok Dave, I'll keep my mouth shut. It's just I hate going to the lounge, something always happens in there, and it's usually not good, lol. Anyway, I hope you're staying cool, enjoy today because the humidity is coming back for this coming week!!!!! YUCK!!!

    Oh, and thank you for the reply,
    ROK :)
    Hey Dave, I was wondering why was my thread about "penis size" was moved from the North East Section, which I only visit, to the Lounge, which I hardly ever go to?? And why was the title changed? I tried to be nice in my title, but someone made it a joke title. Just because someone in the thread mentioned this will be better in the lounge, doesn't mean it can be moved without the OP's permission, I would think. Oh well, I guess we peons have no say where their post can be posted. I could see if it had something to do with our GTO's, but it wasn't. And I thought each part of the country has their own section to post up what ever you want. As long as it's within the sites rules. Which I think I covered, even with MY original title. I'm venting to you Dave, because I don't know who moved it, and you're a good guy!!

    Thanks for any help,
    ROK :)
    Devil ·
    What was the part # for the sears battery you gave me. I lost that damn piece of poaper and I had it in my hands last week. I know the battery is shot now in the GTO. Thanks, Devil ·
    Please see my for sale post for the 06 tails and Maf pipe. Toms2005GTO is angry because I beat him to an item in another post and has organized a few of his buddies to crap in my thread. The only valid posts in the thread are my own.
    beep-pa ·
    Someone has moved a "non GTO" thread about a gas pedal problem that I have and I was hoping to get some information on. Not sure why it was moved especially when I've seen other non GTO threads remain, but at least tell me where it is so that I can check for answers.

    I realize that you may not be the moderator that did move it but maybe you can tell me where it is and why it was moved. Please PM me.......Thanks

    G T OHH ·
    Hey Fox....I hope that you can help me out. I was talking to a guy with an 04 PR GTO at the old OBI Lot car show this morning and he said he had a set of 17" Privat wheels that he wanted to get rid of. You prolly know the guy because he miss-posted and I think that you removed his post. I think his name is Tony but I have no idea what his board name is. Once I got home I decided that I wanted to contact him to see if I could get his wheels. Do you remember the guy and can you give me his board name so I can send him a PM?? Many thanks!
    John / G T OHH
    04 RED GOAT ·
    so tell me y you keep ignoreing my messages amd keep deleting my threads. becuz i refuse to pay for sponsership. or support this website to be blasted bout, by the so called post whores.
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