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  • LongRifles ·
    Following up:

    Forgive me as I kinda put the cart before the horse a bit. I looked at your site and see that you already offer a modified LCA package. I should have done more homework I guess. Sorry to waste your time with this.

    That said, the offer still stands if you are interested. I work with multi axis stuff all the time. Surfacing tool paths, etc...

    Take care.

    frostgoat ·
    Howdy Chris. I starting a new project. Do you make axels to fit a Miata if I put the goat rear end in this lill feller? Doing the ls swap and I have some donor parts from a goat and a cts-v. The v already has ur 1000hp axels in it but I don't want to try that rear end cuz I've heard they are like glass. Is that right or what's ur suggestions? Thanks. Kirby
    BahrainBrian ·
    Hi Chris
    Just a polite message to ask whether the last two emails I sent through to GForce have been received and handled.
    Kind Regards
    frostgoat ·
    Howdy Chris. I'm looking for procharger deal. My plans are... A forged 408 with ls3 heads I don't know what cam I doing yet so any input is greatly appreciated. I have lill 112 maggy on a 6.0 with cam and headers and ofcourse ur 391 rear gear setup. I don't know if have or even sell used stuff but why not ask ya anyways.. I will start on my iron block build at the end of this month. So let me know what you have or can set me up with please.. Thanks chief, kirby
    tachin_up2004 ·
    Hello! Someone said you may know of where I can get a diff for an 04 gto. Mine is dead. The pinions has chunks broken off. I don't want to rebuild mine..just install new or used or rebuilt.Thanks!
    Daves60 ·
    Hey got some more questions.

    I was looking at your mini tubs for the gto, and was just wondering. Assuming I buy these and get them on, is it going to obstruct the rear passenger seat? Are the passengers going to be hit in the ribs with these on? Also, from what I've been reading, some people have been mentioning that I'd be sacrificing structural integrity, is this true even with yours? And lastly, from what I've seen I have to either buy a set of lower control arms from you, or notch the stock ones. This true? Thanks for any help!
    Daves60 ·
    Hey got some questions.

    I have an 05 M6, and am looking at buying a twin turbo setup. And since my rear end is making a ton of noise (clunking mostly at walking speeds) I'm looking at possibly setting up a rear end build. I was looking at your guys' 9" IRS with an aluminum driveshaft. I was just wondering if I decided to end up going that route, is there any military discounts or any specials that I should look out for?

    Also, I see you give a lifetime warranty. Now if I'm running a twin turbo setup what does that warranty cover?
    Wrestler86 ·
    hey chris,
    i have a 06 m6 and looking to get some suspension part if you can help. i saw some older posts about harrop diff covers, also a one peice drive shaft, and a master rebuild kit for the rear end. im makeing 440 rwhp and prob not going to be making much more. maybe so spray later down the road but nothing crazy. thanks for any help,
    xBoostx ·
    Hey Chris, how are you, back in march i bought a set of diff gears from you, and i forgot the bolts are l-h thread, applied the torq wrench, and broke two bolts before i realized what's up, yeah you guessed it, i need two bolts, asap, if you can help i do appreciate it, thanks a K, David, 305-457-3066 oe pm me please, thanks...
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