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  • redgto4u ·
    Hey there,

    I was hoping you might provide with some insight for a nitrous setup. I've run a wet 150 shot successfully on this car in the past. With my 418 stroker I'm looking to go bigger. I haven't had spray on the car in years though.

    I'm planning to do a 200 shot progressive with nano 15lb bottle. I was going to use a 102mm wet plate kit with a standalone fuel system. However I was researching the dry setup and I think it could offer me a good tradeoff from going full on direct port and not having to worry about a backfire with the simplicity of the dry hit.

    I've got plenty of experience tuning the car myself. If I went dry I could manage doing the wiring for the ECT sensor. I run CLSD so I'd use the ECT vs. the IAT to add fuel (OLFA table) and pull timing (ECT base spark) with one tune.

    Question is do you think I'd need to beef up my fuel system regardless? I run FAST46 injectors (currently at 75% duty at wot) and a lpe pump with the bucket mod.

    Thanks for reading.
    Ruinnations ·

    I am in Gainesville an am wondering if you know of a person or shop in the area with a good knowledge of installing kooks LT? I personally am handy but have not really done any major modifications in many years.

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