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  • 06gtoLD ·
    Hello housewolf,
    I had a few quick questions which I hope you will be able to answer for me. I saw one of your posts w/pictures of your car coming off the line at the drag strip (beautiful pic btw). You stated that you have king springs and drag bags and it looks like your car has no squat or extremely little.....I bought king spring half inch drop for the rear of my gto, they are hhd (600-1000) progressive rate. I'm looking to stuff wide tires in the back (of course). I hope 305's. I know this size tire will be flush or stick out slightly from the body which means I need no squat or almost no squat. Now for my question and sorry for the build up.

    Will the 305's (or tire/wheel combo that will be flush/stick out from the body) work if I use drag bags? If I put drag bags in the springs will the rear raise up from the .5 drop? How many psi? Could I do this without the drag bags?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this...any input will be greatly appreciated.
    bsf ·
    your car leaves like a monster! what stall and str is your converetr? and is that a stock bottom end and stock gears and weigh?t if you dont mind me being too nosey just think my coverters stopping me frm tens thanx brad
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