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  • speedygo1369 ·
    hey i saw you post about having the crane valve spring tool. and your not terribly far away. think i can borrow it. we have numerous random styles of tools here at the shop but most all are intended to work with the heads off . im droping in some new springs soon. would have been in already but usps lost my package with the springs.
    Dark Chocolate ·
    Sorry I hit the send too fast..guess I am used to post whoring.

    backk to the topic.

    Start with Barrons.

    Also practice. Practice as much as possible. there are tests in CDs and books where you can practice. There are tests online. If you need any assistance email me at [email protected] I'll direct you towards certain specific sites.

    even if you are willing to join a coaching institue, i would highly suggest picking up a Barrons a month ahead and then getting into those classrooms.
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