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  • bnvus ·
    Hey Pat,
    How you been? Been looking for you. I thought maybe you went the way of the board. Well...
    I guess you heard. I had a stroke back in 2016. Damn thing nearly killed me. Thankfully I am alive and well. I moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Still have the car. It is at my daughters house in Spotsylvania waiting for me to get my license back. Shouldn't be too much longer. I am not in a big hurry. The biggest thing I am trying to get resolved is getting another house down here. I am close. My wife and son are in West Virginia for now. Once he graduates from middle school they will transition down here. Keep in touch and let me know of any get togethers and I will try my best to come up there for a meetup. In the mean time here is my direct contact info.
    Email [email protected]
    Cell 1-703-731-5260
    Take care
    Dan Campisi
    myred2004gto ·
    Tell You what, we are meeting up at the Hooters in Rockville on the 27th in the afternoon, like around 2PM. But, really I'm not worried about a couple of bucks. If You really want, just give it to a charity some person needing a buck on the corner or something like that,,,LOL.
    gtochris04 ·
    hey I've been owing you 2 bucks for a very long time you probably don't even remember. You gave me two ccgto decals at BEHE almost 2 years ago. I don't like to owe anybody so let me know when your in MD
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