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  • nickitp ·
    Hey, I wanted to come back and provide an update. After ironing some details out and getting offers for more investments I am going to continue the purchase of your car. If it's still available of course. My number again is 2147700594 and I hope to speak with you again in a day or two to confirm my financing. Luckily I get to have my cake and eat it too!
    Prospect ·
    05 PBM A4 With 30,XXX, 5% tint, 6k HIDS, Factory SAP package w/o spolier, magnaflow 2.5 exhaust dual tips, and K&N intake only so very close to stock. 2nd owner and its super clean. LMK how much you would want + cash
    markeven2004 ·
    I really like your GTO you have for sale, I currently have a 04 gto silver, with the only thing done is a procharger full exhaust. Im looking into a ls2 or ls3 right now, maybe it might be cheaper for me to possibly trade you plus cash. please txt me at 478-954-7504 or email me at [email protected] if interessted.
    Oh4GTO ·
    I've cut past the welds. There is maybe a millimeter of it left. But the two panels have separated but no issues. Nothing moves around and the wheel well and fender are still a tight fit. You have to push hard in order to feel the movement.
    06gtoLD ·
    I was reading some old post bc im researching how much of my rear fender lip I can cut out. Have you cut 100% of the lip out? that's what im looking to do. If you have cut passed the welds, Have you had any issues with the quarter panel???
    theredgoat ·
    I work a delta in the midfield building right beside you. I saw your goat the other day in the parking lot and I knew I had seen it on here before. It looks really good from where I can see it.
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