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  • GTO 06 ·
    Could you please change in GTO National Events.
    2013 POCI/GTOAA - International Bi-Vention (Dayton, Ohio) to GTOAA International Conventions with a description that say Information and Threads for the Annual GTOAA International Event Meet.

    Then Create a Sub thread that read GTOAA Regional Events with a description saying " Information and Threads for GTOAA Regional Events."
    GTO 06 ·
    Can you change the name of the Thread from 2013 GTO Owners iNternational Event Meet to
    GTOAA International Conventions
    Under GTO National Events

    GTO 06 ·
    palmer, there was a post inside the 2012 that gave all the info of the up comming 2013 GTOAA/POCI meet any chance you can put that in the 2013 GTOAA / POCI section???
    YellowFellow ·
    Are any of you guys (Mods) moderators or know any on the G8 board trying to get on there but says( If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation)Thanks
    Villain ·
    Hello, can you please tell me why my thread in the buyer feedback got killed? I bought a catch can from LDR Speed and wanted to tell people about it? Thanks.
    Wang ·
    Hi Palmer, Richard aka (Wango) ... sorry that I haven't reached out yet, but definitely, I'd like to be your friend on FB if you'd have me ...
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