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    I'm am very interested in a tubular cradle for a twin turbo build I am doing..if possible please call me,Diamond @Diamond Fabrication
    586 524 0256..or message me back if thats easier for you..i truly need it
    I'm at the shop to drop off my car like I was told to do but no one is here? Please get back to me asap.
    [email protected] ·
    What I have a question for you is engine swap $$$$. I now have a 69' Camaro with a SBC 355ci, and am trying to figure out who and what shop I want to do the swap. Do you or your shop have an experience in a 5.3/LS motor swap for a 69'? Also, I was not sure if you or any of your clients are in the market for a small block motor right now, but I would like to have the motor sold once it is taken out of the car. Going in, I would like to see an (used) LS1 with cam, or (used) 5.3 w/ LS intake, possible heads, and cam.
    I would like to put a rebuilt 5-6 speed in.
    Are you or a client in the market to buy the motor and 3speed trans in mine? Its got approx. 1000 miles on it, was built and put in before I bought the car. Eagle Crank, Dart Pro1 Heads, Holly Carb, and a few other odds and ends. It does need a little lifter adjustment on the passenger a little bit of tapping, but no bid deal.

    Gholmes ·
    Hey Steve, about a week ago my slave cylinder went out on my 05 gto. I saw your thread on f-body slaves and was wondering if you still sell those. SNL's website for shopping is down for maintenance.

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