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  • cynicslullaby ·
    I have a bad heater core indicated by wet floors and anti-freeze on the windshield. Would really appreciate any instruction on how to get to the thing without complete interior disassembly or minimal as possible. Also I have wanted to replace regular coolant with Evans Water less coolant to stop any additional cooling system corrosion and wondered if you ever got any feedback on that transition?
    Hey walt, i posted in the northeast forums about a shop to do some work for a friend of mine. He needs new front struts and he says a new waterpump as well. I was wondering if you were willing to help out on this. If so i could give him your contact info so he can set something up with you
    Canada ·
    Anyone know what happend to him? I can not reach him and paid for a part over 2 weeks ago and still have not received it.
    BroPeep ·
    So the rack you sent me is the kyb one and happens to be near impossible to match tie rods to. Now my options are either getting the tie rods off you for that rack. Or waiting a month to get a pair from use. I need a reply plz
    Canada ·
    I sent you a PM back on the one pertaining to the diff housing and never heard back. Are you able to send me pics of it. If all is well with it and I can see it I have no problem with what you thought up for price. But if not I need to start looking for another one.
    Mustangkiller28 ·
    Does that car have the drivers side exterior key entry door lock? If so I would be interested, and how much shipped to Amarillo TX 79108
    mjmallrat13 ·
    do you have the SAP kit? I am looking for the passenger sideskirt if u have the sap kit how much for the skirt? how much shipped to keyport nj 07735? if anything i might be able to drive.
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