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  • Rgralinski ·
    Car ran awesome coming home with it. I'm gonna deal with that clutch/transmission thing in the next couple of weeks and hopefully Find some actuators to replace those . I also love that dashboard mod you did with the custom logo and text with your name. I am just waiting for a cable to come from amazon so i can reprogram that but I never knew you could do that. I'll take good care of your baby .
    WEDJ ·

    Sorry, but that day I have to go to a funeral in CT. I have some GONE stickers for you when you can swing by the shop. Maybe in August we can call a get-together? What weekend day is good for you?

    10Seven ·
    Hi Nic,

    Just wanted to touch base with you. I have been working a lot of overtime shifts at the P.D. and haven't had a chance to get out much this summer but I'm hoping to get over your way again soon. It was nice meeting you and your family! Maybe I can bring along a few of my clan next time. I plan on being at the Bucksport Bay Festival? this year and may enter my Goat in the car show. Didn't know if you or Evan may be there with yours? I believe the car show is on Saturday, 07/26. Hope to see ya soon!
    Chris / 10Seven
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