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  1. California Smog Tests

    South Western
    I gave up for a little while there. And I don’t feel good about it. If you’re still around, I would greatly appreciate your help! At this point, I figure it’s either have an “in” and the dmv or see if my guy can smog your car and use it for my test.
  2. Stock tune - 2005 m6

    Tuning/Dyno Results
    Not that I’m trying to be cheap here, but I’m nowhere near utilizing HPTuners. Sounds like I would need to invest $500 to just to use them for what I’m trying to do, correct? I really don’t know.. this wasn’t something I was wanting to get into for this car. The MAF is wired up. This may...
  3. Stock tune - 2005 m6

    Tuning/Dyno Results
    I need a 2005 m6 stock tune for a smog test. How in the world do I go about doing this..?
  4. California Smog Tests

    South Western
    That’s how it works, huh..? So for instance, if a smog guy who specializes in servicing car owners in situations similar to mine had an HP Tuners account, he could get any tune on that site? I’m guessing each time would cost $$. But that would just be passed along to his smog customer..
  5. California Smog Tests

    South Western
    Sorry bout that...there’s some info in my sig from the first post. I know what to list, but I don’t know what it all means haha. Yes, SD tune. Whatever is happening this time around, didn’t happen two years ago..that’s for sure. And over the past 9 or so years since the SD tune, I’ve used a...
  6. California Smog Tests

    South Western
    P0103 That’s the code. Mass Air Flow Circuit High Frequency. A mechanic with a scanner cleared everything, but this code pops up immediately. That’s why when after I drove it for hundreds of miles, nothing reset the first time everything was cleared(?) So I’m at a loss. Isn’t the MAF...
  7. California Smog Tests

    South Western
    I'm in East LA County, and I would really appreciate the help!
  8. California Smog Tests

    South Western
    I'm back in town. My guy needs to figure out what your guy did..
  9. California Smog Tests

    South Western
    The 02 and heater are not ready. My smog guy is working with me, so he can’t get past the OBDII check because of what it’s showing. He’s fine with everything visual. Now I’m away from the car until Sunday. When i get back, I’ll follow those specific steps to cycle through. Don’t know where I’m...
  10. Window Guide Part # 90224897

    The Body Shop
    My driver side window became unglued as well, and the thing that worked best for me was windshield weld for re-gluing. It's held for about 10 years. I tried it after several failed attempts with other glues. The windshield weld allows for some flex, and that's exactly what was required since...
  11. California Smog Tests

    South Western
    Wow.. been awhile. I'm learning that the smog stations here in CA are now using updated software that is causing many fails. A mechanic explained this to me, and my car is showing two codes on the scanner (no lights on the display though..) - O2 and heater. I passed easily two years ago with...
  12. Nitto 555 G2 sizes

    Want to throw this out there are see if anyone can help me out.. I'll like some opinions, and pictures hopefully, on putting this tire on the rear in size 275/40/18. I have the same tire on the front - 245/40/18. My rims are 10" wide on rear and I currently have 285/35/18, which are almost...
  13. Annoying Tapatalk banner on every new page

    Community Help
    Hmm, my first step then was to open the tapatalk settings and turn off everything possible. We’ll see how that goes. If I still get the pop up, I’ll delete the app from my phone. Thanks, Ed, for taking the time to check this out and admin this site. You can’t be appreciated enough!! Sean
  14. Annoying Tapatalk banner on every new page

    Community Help
    Hi Ed, Here’s the screen grab. Everything has been cleared on my end and still the pop up. Thanks for your help on this! Sean
  15. Annoying Tapatalk banner on every new page

    Community Help
    Hello, the Tapatalk app notification is popping up every time I go to a new page. iPhone 7 Plus iOS 11.2.5 Safari Any help to stopping this madness would be much appreciated!!
  16. Gforce steering wheel adaptor how to?

    Why the hell not.... Any info to share on this?
  17. Username change?

    Community Help
    ChargedGoat Please! Thanks!!!
  18. Username change?

    Community Help
    That looks stupid! And I deserve the "?" It was a stupid idea by me. Permission to think of something else, and get back to you?!
  19. Username change?

    Community Help
    Could I please have my user name changed to: Smog Check? Thanks!!!
  20. Anyone have wheels I can borrow?

    South Western
    This is coming out of left field, but I thought I'd ask. I'm getting my after market wheels re-powdercoated, and I'd like to drive the car for the week or so during the process. I sold my OEMs years ago. I'll give you a cash deposit and a rent free, so if you can help me out, I'd appreciate...
1-20 of 439 Results